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International Collaborations

Metabolomics Core Laboratory

n   Waters Corporation, Global Center of Innovation (COI).

n   Waters Corporation, Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

n   Imperial College (UK) Prof. Jeremy Nicholson, International Phenome Center.

n   Okayama University (JP) Prof. Seno, Establishment of international and strategic bases for the development of comprehensive cancer stem cell database crossing over the races project.


Metabolomics Core Laboratory and Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome Research Team

n   UC San Diego (USA) , Prof. Kuma Sharma, to develop novel detection of kidney-related diseases based on metabolomics analysis.


Biomedical Imaging Research Team

n   The Global Alzheimer’s Association Interactive Network, GAAIN.

n   University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (CN).

n   University of Edinburgh (UK), Dr. Maria Valdes-Hernandez, Row Fogo Centre for Research into Ageing and the Brain



Neurodegenerative Diseases Research Team

n   Erasmus University Rotterdam (NL).


Neurodegenerative Bio/Functional Markers for CVD Research Team

n   Mammoth Technology Inc (USA).


Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome

n   Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Center, MMPC (USA).


Cognitive and Behavioral Indices

n   University of Michigan (USA)

n   University of Edinburgh (UK)



Human/Machine Interaction

n   California State University, Dominquez Hills (USA)

n  Montreal Neurological Institute (CA)