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CoE AgeCare Midterm 2022 Congress,15th-17th June, 2022.

Longer lives, better care? - Midterm Congress CoE AgeCare 2022

About the conference
CoE AgeCare Mid-Term Congress ‘Longer lives, better care?’, 15th-17th June, 2022, Tampere, Finland

The overarching theme of the congress is population ageing as a global phenomenon that is already changing the world, and the impact of population ageing on care needs and care policies in the future. In addition, the congress discusses the measures and policy tools needed to ensure high-quality care for older people.  Within the multidisciplinary Centre of Excellence in Research on Ageing and Care (CoE AgeCare, www.jyu.fi/agecare) population ageing has been studied in connection to health and socioeconomic status of older people, agency and social wellbeing, care policies, disability policies, formal and informal care, care workforce, digitalization of care work and use of technology by older people, as well as ethnic diversification of older people and care workers. We study these questions from the perspective of welfare systems taking into account cultural, socio-economic, regional, national, and global perspectives.

The mid-term congress offers researchers interested in the above-mentioned topics an opportunity to present their research results in this multidisciplinary congress. Another aim of the congress is to offer researchers an opportunity to exchange ideas and strengthen existing research networks and build new ones. Third important aim of the congress is to provide an arena to develop ideas and research collaboration for the future. We invite contributions from researchers working within the CoE AgeCare and our collaborators, but welcome also contributions from research groups and researchers who are not affiliated to the CoE AgeCare.

The congress program includes invited speakers and thematic groups, and plenty of time for general discussions and smaller gatherings. Thematic groups include three topics: 1) population ageing and care needs and inequalities, 2) agency and self-determination of older people, 3) diversification, rehybridization and digitalisation of care work.

*Congress website: https://events.tuni.fi/coeagecare2022congress/


CoE AgeCare Midterm 2022 Congress- opening CoE AgeCare Midterm 2022 Congress - opening

CoE AgeCare Midterm 2022 Congress - Dr. Wu  CoE AgeCare Midterm 2022 Congress- Dr.Chiu

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